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TikTok Live Follower Counter - TikTok Real-Time

TikTokCounter.com is really useful tool for checking Follower Count of your favorite TikTokers updated in Real-Time - Every 1 second. Data seen on TikTok's page is often inaccurate or delayed, that's why TikTok Live Follower Count is really useful for checking full and non-abbreviated Follower Counts!

History of TikTok

Did you know TikTok wasn't at first called TikTok? Previously this famous app was musical.ly. It served the same purpose as today - Creating short music videos and sharing them with community! This app was in created in China (Where it's called Douyin) by company called ByteDance. At first TikTok was launched in China in September 2016, and later - in 2017 it was released worldwide. As of now, the app has been downloaded more than 1 billion times and is one of the most popular apps in Google Play and App Store.

Douyin - Chinese TikTok

You may wonder, why TikTok has a different name in China? It's simple. Douyin is focused on Chinese Market while TikTok is focused on worldwide market. One of the reason of making 2 separate apps for different countries is Censorship in the Chinese Internet.

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